Fort Worth in Texas is otherwise referred to as “Where the West Begins” and the “City of Cowboys and Culture”. If you are visiting Fort Worth, you need to know that the city has a unique mix of entertainment venues attractions, and has something for every member of the family. Fort Worth is home to live music and theater, comedy shows, world-class performances, museums and art galleries, hangouts, vibrant nightlife and movies. Read on to find out things you can do in when you are visiting Fort Worth in Texas.

#1: Fort Worth Zoo

Housing over 5,000 animals and spanning over 64 acres, the Fort Worth Zoo is a definite draw for both adults and children alike. Founded in 1909 with just a few animals, it is among the top zoos in the country today. Open between 10 am and 4 pm every day, the zoo includes attractions such as an Outdoor Learning Theater, Safari Splash, Petting Yard, Swinging Swamp Bridge, etc.



#2: US Bureau of Engraving and Printing

Over 60 percent of the paper money in the United States of America is printed at the Western Currency facility in Fort Worth. Guided tours that are available to help you to learn how dollar bills are manufactured. There is also an interactive museum of currency history that is housed in the facility.

#3: At the Rodeo

It is a good idea to attend the Pawnee Bill’s Wild West Show that is held at the Cowtown Coliseum located in the heart of the Fort Worth Stockyards. It is a local multi-purpose sporting arena that offers rodeos on a weekly basis. The arena can seat over 3,000 visitors in air-conditioned comfort. Pawnee Bill’s Wild West Show promises entertainment for the whole family with rope tricks, animals and cowboys.

#4: At the Movies

The IMAX screen at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History takes the viewer to a whole new level of movie watching. With a screen that is bigger than the biggest IMAX screens, watching a movie is a new experience for anybody. The museum is also home to some of the best documentary movies that cannot be found anywhere else.

#5: Bass Performance Hall

The Nancy and Perry R. Bass Performance Hall is a permanent venue that showcases the best performing arts in the region. It has been voted among the Top 10 Opera Houses in the World. It sports a classic European ambience in the inside and a boldly designed exterior. There is a wide variety of performances staged here, from Broadway shows to ballet performances. The Bass Performance Hall has over 2,000 seats.

#6: Fort Worth Log Cabin Village

This is an interactive display of life in the 1800s. A trip to the Log Cabin Village familiarizes the visitors with life in the past. It is the perfect entertainment for children that combines history, learning and entertainment.

#7: Fort Worth Stockyards

The Fort Worth Union Stockyards started business as a livestock trading center in 1876 with the advent of the railroads in the area. It was a place where sheep, hogs and cattle could be bought, slaughtered or sold. However, the area is now registered as a historical district and consists of mainly entertainment and shopping venues. Many nightclubs and bars are located in the vicinity and the entire area has a western theme. Visitors can soak up the cowboy culture that existed years ago to when the city was abbreviated to DFW. A trip to Fort Worth is incomplete without visiting the Stockyards.

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#8: All about Cowgirls

The National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame is dedicated to those cowgirls and other women who have dedicated their lives to America’s famed west. The Museum was started in the year 1975 and is now housed in a 33,000 square foot facility in Fort Worth. In the museum you can see over 4,000 artifacts from over 750 female figures that have played an important part in the history.

#9: For the Adrenaline Seekers

The Texas Motor Speedway, owned and operated by Speedway Motorsports Inc., is located in the northernmost point in Fort Worth, Texas, and is the perfect place to experience your adrenaline rush. It hosts a number of annual NASCAR races and the Indycar races as well. The seating capacity of this race course is over 180,000 making this destination a must see in real life.

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